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과목번호 과목명 영문명 학점
CHIL000 학위논문연구 및 연구윤리 (중어중문학) Dissertation and Research Ethics : Chinese Language and Literature 3-3-0
CHIL703 중국문학사상사 History of Chinese Literary Thoughts 3-3-0
CHIL704 중국문학비평연구 Studies in Chinese Literary Criticism 3-3-0
CHIL706 중국현대문학연구 Studies in Modern Chinese Literature 3-3-0
CHIL707 경학연구 Studies in Confucian Classics 3-3-0
CHIL709 중국시가연구 Studies in Chinese Poetry 3-3-0
CHIL710 중국소설연구 Studies in Chinese Novel 3-3-0
CHIL712 중국작가연구 Studies in Chinese Authors 3-3-0
CHIL713 중국현대작가연구 Studies in Modern Chinese Authors 3-3-0
CHIL727 중국문학전제토론 Seminar in Chinese Literature 3-3-0
CHIL728 중국문학연구방법론 Chinese Literature Research Method 3-3-0
CHIL729 중서문학비평이론비교연구 Comparative Study of Chinese & Western Literary Criticism 3-3-0
CHIL730 중국학술논쟁사 History of Chinese academic debate 3-3-0
CHIL731 제자백가연구 Studies in the Hundred Schools of Thought 3-3-0
CHIL732 음운론연구 Studies in Chinese Phonology 3-3-0
CHIL733 중국산문연구 Studies in Chinese Prose 3-3-0
CHIL734 중국사곡연구 Studies in Ci and Qu Poetry 3-3-0
CHIL735 중국시화와 시론 Chinese Poetry-talks & Theories of Chinese Poetry 3-3-0
CHIL736 위진남북조문학연구 Studies in the Literature of Wei Jin and Nan Bei Dynasties 3-3-0
CHIL737 당송문학연구 Studies in the Literature of Tang and Song Dynasties 3-3-0
CHIL738 중국당대문학연구 Studies in Chinese Contemporary Literature 3-3-0
CHIL739 한어개사연구 Studies in chinese prepositions 3-3-0
CHIL740 한어근현대문법이론 Theories of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Grammar 3-3-0
CHIL761 중국어학연구 Studies in Chinese Linguistics 3-3-0
CHIL762 중국어학사 History of the Chinese Language 3-3-0
CHIL763 중국어학자료연구 Studies in the Materials of Chinese Linguistics 3-3-0
CHIL764 중국어학방법연구 Methodology in Chinese Linguistics 3-3-0
CHIL766 문자학연구 Studies in Chinese Characters 3-3-0
CHIL767 훈고학연구 Studies in Chinese Exegetics 3-3-0
CHIL768 문언문법학 Grammar of Literary Chinese 3-3-0
CHIL769 백화문법학 Grammar of Colloqiuial Chinese 3-3-0
CHIL770 한어의미론 Chinese Semantics 3-3-0
CHIL771 한어역사문법 Chinese Historical Grammar 3-3-0
CHIL801 중국희곡연구 Studies in Chinese Drama 3-3-0
CHIL803 운문연구 Studies in Chinese Verse 3-3-0
CHIL805 문선연구 Studies in Wen-Xuan 3-3-0
CHIL806 문심조룡연구 Studies in Wen-xin Diao-long 3-3-0
CHIL808 중국현대문학사특강 Topics in the History of Modern Chinese Literature 3-3-0
CHIL814 문헌학연구 Studies in Chinese Philology 3-3-0
CHIL861 설문연구 Studies in Shuo-wen Jie-zi 3-3-0
CHIL862 광운연구 Studies in Guang Yun 3-3-0
CHIL864 등운연구 Studies in Deng Yun 3-3-0
CHIL865 중국고문자연구 Studies in Chinese Old Characters 3-3-0
CHIL867 중국자서연구 Studies in Chinese Lexicography 3-3-0
CHIL868 한어어휘론 Chinese Lexicology 3-3-0
CHIL869 한어통사론 Chinese Syntax 3-3-0
CHIL872 중국언어철학연구 Studies in Philosophy of Language in China 3-3-0
CHIL873 선진양한문학연구 Studies in the Literature of Pre-Qin Period and the Han Dynasty 3-3-0
CHIL874 원명청문학연구 Studies in the Literature of Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties 3-3-0
CHIL875 중국당대사회문화쟁점토론 Discussion on social and cultural issues in Contemporary China 3-3-0
CHIL876 중국당대작가연구 Studies in Contemporary Chinese Authors 3-3-0
CHIL877 중국현대사상과 문학 논쟁 Ideology and Literary discourse in modern china 3-3-0
CHIL878 한어형태론 Morphology of Chinese 3-3-0
CHIL879 한어화용론 Chinese Pragmatics 3-3-0
CHIL880 한어특수구문연구 Studies in Chinese Special Constructions 3-3-0
국제대학원 중국학전공 교육과정
과목번호 과목명 영문명 학점
CHIL716 중국실용언어연습 Seminar in Practical Chinese Linguistic & Phonology 3-3-0
CHIL717 중국현대문연습 Seminar in Mordern Chinese 3-3-0
CHIL718 중국문언문연습 Seminar in Classical Chinese 3-3-0
CHIL719 중국경제통상의이해 Understanding in Chinese Trade and Commerce 3-3-0
CHIL720 중국정치의이해 Understanding in Chinese Politics 3-3-0
CHIL721 중국법률의이해 Understanding in Chinese Law 3-3-0
CHIL722 중국의 문학과 예술 Chinese Literature & Art 3-3-0
CHIL723 중국사상연구 Studies in Chinese Ideology 3-3-0
CHIL724 한중관계사연구 Studies in Korean and Chinese Relations 3-3-0
CHIL725 중국지역학연구 Studies in Chinese Area 3-3-0
CHIL726 중국사회전제토론 Seminar in Chinese Society 3-3-0
CHIN000 학위논문연구 및 연구윤리(중국학) Dissertation and Research Ethics : Sinology 3-3-0
INTL701 국제문화의 이해 Cross Cultural Communication 3-3-0
교육대학원 중국어교육전공 교육과정
과목번호 과목명 영문명 학점
CHIL000 학위논문연구 및 연구윤리 (중어중문학) Dissertation and Research Ethics : Chinese Language and Literature 3-3-0
CHIL741 중국어음운교육론 Teaching Chinese Phonological Theories 3-3-0
CHIL742 중국문자교육론 Teaching in the Chinese Characters 3-3-0
CHIL743 중국어발전사교육론 Teaching in the History of Chinese Language 3-3-0
CHIL744 중국어비교언어학교육론 Teaching Contrastive Studies in Chinese Language 3-3-0
CHIL745 중국시가교육론 Teaching in Chinese Poetry 3-3-0
CHIL746 중국문학비평사교육론 Teaching in the History of Chinese Literature Criticism 3-3-0
CHIL747 중국문화와사상특강 Topics in Chinese Culture and Thought 3-3-0
CHIL748 경학연구와 교육 Teaching in ConFucian Classics 3-3-0
CHIL749 중국현대문학교육론 Teaching in Modern Chinese Literature 3-3-0
CHIL750 중국소설교육론 Teaching in Chinese Novel 3-3-0
CHIL751 중국어회화지도법 Teaching Method on Chinese Conversation 3-3-0
CHIL752 중국어교과서분석과평가 The Evaluation and Analysis of the Chinese Language Teaching Books 3-3-0
CHIL753 중국어교수법연구 Studies in Methodology of Chinese Language 3-3-0
CHIL754 중국어작문지도법 Teaching Method on Chinese Composition 3-3-0
CHIL755 중국어문법지도법 Teaching Method on Chinese Grammar 3-3-0
CHIL756 중국희곡교육론 Teaching in Chinese Drama 3-3-0
CHIL757 현대중국의 이해 Understanding in Modern Chinese 3-3-0
CHIL781 중국어문법론 Chinese Grammatical Theories 3-3-0
CHIL785 중국어학연습 Seminar in Chinese Linguistic & Phonology 3-3-0
CHIL853 중국문학사특강 Topics in the History of Chinese Literature 3-3-0
CHIL860 중국고전산문강독 Studies in Chinese Classic Prose 3-3-0
TCHR493 중국어 논리 및 논술지도 Teaching Logic & Writing : Chinese 3-3-0
TCHR626 중국어교육론 Educational Theories in Teaching Chinese 3-3-0
TCHR666 중국어교재연구및지도법 Teaching Material & Methods : Chinese 3-3-0